Friday, May 25, 2007

Fresh stats from Pirates of the Caribbean

These IMDb viewer's statistics are taken at 9:30pm on opening day (Fri., 5/25/07). What disappoints me about about IMDb is the (perhaps unavoidable) user bias. Look at this graph up close, at 100% scale, and you can see the majority of users simply voted Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End a "10," which is really unrealistic for an average.

These have to be just the fans, who saw the movie on opening day. Look at the popularity by age group, too.

IMDb also has the statistics as males rated the film a median of 8.7, and females a median of 9.4. So does Pirates have more of a love theme than the previous two incarnations or what?

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Sire said...

As of yet I haven't seen any of the Pirates series but now I will make sure that I take the time to see these movies. But first I have to finis my beer for which I thank you.

You can see my appreciation HERE