Saturday, June 2, 2007

Buy your fellow blogger a beer

I came back from Memorial Day holiday to find Sire from BlogSire: Blogging the Money Way had written the Drowning Turtle a great review. It's tricky to start a new blog about something you're passionate about, and to have a job alongside classes, midterms, finals, etc., having a review published is a great help to spreading the Drowning Turtle word.

Any online writer should check out BlogSire: Blogging the Money Way to get a little something back to all you talented bloggers that give fantastic advice and entertainment. Everyone can use his great variety and library of money making tips, especially the fun ones such as "Buy me a Beer." Since I'm not running WordPress, just click on the Paypal donation button at right to buy me a beer or donate to help this site grow.

1 comment:

Sire said...

Hey I'll buy you a beer or would you prefer a review form these blogs.
Well Blog Me!