Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Two weeks until graduation!

The clock is ticking away until I graduate from college: the morning of June 16th. I will be moving from Santa Cruz to Santa Monica in early July for a full time post production job. Which leaves me with a ridiculous student loan to begin paying back, expensive LA rent to pay (not to mention deposit), and other bills that I'm not used to paying for.

I started this blog to write about something I feel passionate about, and perhaps I will see if I can bring any income in to supplement my meager student/entry-level salary. I've been looking around at ways to monetize blogs, but I don't want the site to become a rat's nest of ads. I'll try out services like Blogvertise to see if I can raise any money to help pay for my education. But of course, providing useful content for readers is my top priority :)

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Drew said...

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Thanks for the link, I appreciate it.